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Three years ago, a police officer killed Christian Hall. Now, the legislature will study the role of 911 in mental health emergencies.

The study will look for ways for emergency dispatchers to send crisis responders through the 911 system in response to mental health emergencies.

By Danielle Ohl/Spotlight PA

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After Atlanta murders, greater scrutiny of police killing of Asian-American man in Poconos

The use of deadly force in this case was justified, according to the DA’s office, because the officers did not know the weapon Hall carried wasn’t lethal, and because he failed to follow officers’ orders.

By Laura Benshoff/WHYY

Family lawyers: Troopers didn’t have to kill teen on bridge in the Poconos

“It's a cry for help and unfortunately, instead of getting help, Christian got bullets. Even after he put his hands up, they shot."
By Michael Rubinkam/Associated Press