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It’s far too easy to be labeled a child abuser in Pennsylvania, lawsuit claims

A new lawsuit filed in Pennsylvania claims its too easy to be labeled a child abuser.

By Zoë Read/WHYY

How to protect Pennsylvania’s children from abuse and neglect

There were nearly 46 hundred substantiated cases of child abuse in Pennsylvania in 2020.

By Scott LaMar

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Pennsylvania woman convicted in death of boy, 12, faces life term

Kimberly Maurer of all charges including child endangerment, involuntary manslaughter and criminal conspiracy in the May 2020 death of 12-year-old Maxwell Schollenberger.

By The Associated Press

Updated: July 6, 2021 | 5:30 pm

Child welfare agency leader in Luzerne County accused of falsely ending cases

Authorities claim that more than 200 referrals from the state-run ChildLine hotline were improperly ended by clerical workers at her direction in May 2017.

By Mark Scolforo/The Associated Press

Smart Talk: Preventing child abuse hinges on trained observers

Knowing what to look for and then reporting suspected abuse is the responsibility of Mandatory Reporters
By Merideth Bucher

Christy Willis convicted of lying to police in child death case in Northumberland County

51-year-old Christy Willis of Sunbury proclaimed “I am innocent” while being led out of the Northumberland County courthouse following her conviction on charges of obstruction in child abuse cases, hindering apprehension and making false reports to law enforcement.

By The Associated Press

Child advocates train community members on recognizing and reporting abuse

Child abuse reports dropped across Pennsylvania last year, raising concerns from child welfare professionals that the COVID-19 pandemic isolated children from the school employees, healthcare providers, and other community members who are legally required to report suspected abuse. Lebanon County, where two high-profile child abuse investigations came to light in the last year, has seen a different trend since the beginning of the school year.

By Alanna Elder

Updated: April 7, 2021 | 5:55 pm

State House advances 2-year child sex abuse lawsuit window

The vote on Wednesday is part of a belt-and-suspenders approach that also includes a potential constitutional amendment. The bill was sent to the state Senate by a vote of 149 to 52.

By Mark Scolforo/The Associated Press and Sam Dunklau