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Pa. Chesapeake Bay cleanup plan falls short for third time, EPA says

The federal government says it will continue heightened enforcement in the state indefinitely.

By Rachel McDevitt

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What to know about Pa. DEP’s newest plan to reduce pollution to the Chesapeake Bay

The agency isn’t certain where all the money will come from to pay for what it has planned. The effects of climate change have driven the price higher.

By Adriana Delagarza

Record low numbers prompt limits on Chesapeake Bay crabbing

Tighter harvest limits are being issued by both Maryland and Virginia as officials and industry leaders try to protect the iconic species.

By The Associated Press

Pennsylvania to receive $5.6 million to help restore Chesapeake Bay

A total of $40 million was announced to help restore the bay.
By The Associated Press

EPA is watching Pa.’s Chesapeake Bay clean-up efforts

Agency says Pa. is lagging behind in pollution reduction
By Scott LaMar

Pennsylvania’s plan fails to meet goal for reducing pollution in the Chesapeake Bay, the EPA says

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency says Pennsylvania is not on track to meet its goal to reduce pollution in the Chesapeake Bay.

By Gabriela Martínez

Identifying African-American historical sites and places

An ambitious project is underway to identify African-American places and sites that have not been recognized in past historic preservation efforts.

By Scott LaMar