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Penn State plans to slash $94M from budget, including deep cuts to Commonwealth Campuses

University trustees will vote on the proposed budget this summer, which could cut $54 million from the Commonwealth Campuses.

By Wyatt Massey/SpotlightPA

Pa. Senate to return August 30

The state Senate is returning to Harrisburg ahead of its previously scheduled return of September 18.
By Ben Wasserstein/WITF

After Gov. Josh Shapiro reverses position on school vouchers, Pa. House passes a budget and Senate cries foul

The state House passes a budget plan, after Gov. Josh Shapiro pledged to veto a private school voucher program. Senate Republicans say it’s a betrayal.

By Stephen Caruso/SpotlightPA, Kate Huangpu/Spotlight PA and Katie Meyer/Spotlight PA

Updated: June 26, 2023 | 7:00 am

Pa. budget talks continue amid partisan tensions

As the June 30 deadline for the state budget draws near, tensions are brewing in the Capitol.

By Ben Wasserstein/WITF

Penn State says colleges have received their next budgets created by new allocation model

While university officials say there aren’t plans for large-scale lay-offs or closures, many units will likely see their funding shrink.

By Emily Reddy/WPSU

Penn State rolls out new approach to budgeting it says is data-driven

The new model itself isn’t expected to balance the budget, but it will help the university get there by 2025.

By Anne Danahy/WPSU