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Can studying honeybee brains improve bees’ health?

Bucknell University researchers looking to find out
By Scott LaMar

Supply chain problems affecting economic recovery

For the second straight year, the holiday shopping season may be different than in the years before the coronavirus pandemic.

By Scott LaMar

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Smart Talk Tuesday: 5G explained; Wasp, cicadas and hornets

5G is the latest generation of technology that will be faster and allow for more data

By Scott LaMar

Art from Indigenous Communities in India highlights shared traditions

Also, what makes a pick-up line effective?
By Smart Talk and Alexandra Stein

Evangelicals in the age of President Trump

About 81% of white Evangelicals voted for President Trump in 2016 and polls of those who identify as Evangelical indicate the president continues to get their support going into the election year of 2020.

By Scott LaMar and Merideth Bucher