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Pa. legislators look to rein in AI in health insurance claims

The use of artificial intelligence has expanded, and insurance companies are now using algorithms to quickly assess claims.
By Ben Wasserstein/WITF

Dauphin County warns residents of artificial intelligence phone scams

Dauphin County officials, who warned residents this week about a new breed of phone scams that use voice clones generated by artificial intelligence.

By Gabriela Martínez/WITF

What is “quiet quitting” and how are companies using AI to detect it?

Last month on The Spark John McElligott, founder and chief executive officer of York Exponential discussed artificial intelligence and its future. As a follow up on that conversation Brian Sathianathan, Co-Founder and Chief Technology Officer of, joined us on The Spark Monday to discuss how his tech company is using Artificial intelligence to help other companies detect what’s called “quiet quitting”.

By Aniya Faulcon