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COVID-19 antibody treatment soon to arrive in Pennsylvania

The federal government plans to distribute monoclonal antibodies for the coronavirus to healthcare systems throughout Pennsylvania, state Secretary of Health Rachel Levine said Friday.

By Darryl C. Murphy/WHYY

Chester County will notify thousands of ‘questionable’ COVID results

The county never informed people who may have received false alarms, nor did it disclose the questionable test results — about 6,100 of the 19,425 tests it conducted — on its website.

By The Associated Press

Pitt researchers moving forward with COVID-19 antibody therapy

The researchers stressed that the Ab8 antibody component is not an alternative to a vaccine, but rather might become one of the tools that will lead to the end of the pandemic.

By Sarah Boden/WESA

Are antigen tests the silver bullet to Pa.‘s coronavirus testing delays? Not so fast.

Here's everything you need to know about the different coronavirus tests and what they can — and can't — tell you.
By Sara Simon/Spotlight PA