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Pennsylvania farmers must adapt to survive, advocates say

A major advocacy group for Pennsylvania farmers says many have had to change the way they do business to stay afloat financially.

By Rachel McDevitt

What can be saved? Ghosts of the past

Around the world, efforts are being made to reclaim wetlands that have been filled in to plant crops.

By The Associated Press

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Midstate counties lead in total farmland, though space for vegetable crops is shrinking

A recent study shows midstate counties have the highest percentage of land harvested for crops in Pennsylvania.

By Rachel McDevitt

Philly is creating first-ever urban agriculture manifesto

A new city initiative aims to help preserve urban farms across the city. In November, the city will initiate a public planning process designed to help its first-ever director of urban agriculture, Ash Richards, shape a strategy.

By Catalina Jaramillo

Pennsylvania invests in crops for brewing and distilling

The Department of Agriculture plans to award $460,000 in grants for specialty crops, most of which can be used to make craft beverages.

By Rachel McDevitt

Amid Trump’s trade war, Pa. farmers fight to survive in an uncertain market

In the midst of the second harvest under the trade war, Keystone Crossroads spoke to several Pennsylvania farmers about how the policy affects them and what it takes to survive in an unstable and uncertain market.

By Emily Pontecorvo/WHYY

US Agriculture Secretary says small farms are in trouble. But Pa. advocates have hope.

Some Pennsylvania farmers have retooled to offer specialty dairy products and direct-to-consumer sales. Dairy boosters are hoping it gives them an edge.
By Katie Meyer