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Ida B. Wells: American Stories

Ida B. Wells: American Stories frames Wells’ life and legacy in the context of today’s world, illustrating how today’s activists draw inspiration from her work.

By Christina Zeiders

Fight The Power: How Hip Hop Changed the World

Discover the factors that led to the birth of hip hop and how it has evolved since its first hit in 1982.

By Christina Zeiders

American Masters: Roberta Flack

Discover music icon Roberta Flack’s rise to stardom and her triumphs over racism and sexism.

By Christina Zeiders

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Lancaster African-American artists share their stories, work and connection to Martin Luther King Jr.

On The Spark Monday Sir Dominique Jordan, spoken word and hip-hop artist, and Joshua Beltre, engagement specialist of the arts for the City of Lancaster, musician and spoken word artist, shared how they’re pushing Dr. King’s mission forward through art and their work in the community.

By Aniya Faulcon

Who are Quakers and what do they believe? Quaker Activist, George Lakey, gives answers and discusses his new book

On The Spark Monday we dove beneath the surface and learned more about Quakerism and George Lakey, a Quaker activist who fights for peace, civil rights, LGBTQ rights, labor, justice, and the environment.

By Aniya Faulcon

Two Black activist groups look toward the future of racial justice in Pittsburgh

Two groups of young activists rose to prominence during the summer of 2020: Black, Young, & Educated and Pittsburgh I Can’t Breathe. Both marched through the city Tuesday evening after the guilty verdict in the Chauvin trial was announced.

By Kiley Koscinski/WESA

Toward Racial Justice panelists revisit topic of allyship

Just after the 2020 election, four panelists talked with TRJ host Charles Ellison about how White people can help demolish systemic racism and White supremacy. During an early-April installment of the TRJ series, Ellison returned to the topic and asked guests how to create coalitions across racial and ethnic groups.

By Alanna Elder/WITF

Thousands became activists in 2020. Organizers say they expect a dip in participation and that’s OK

Engagement drop-off is something grassroots organizations think about anytime there’s a surge in activism.

By Ximena Conde/WHYY

How ‘Filthydelphia’ made Earth Day a thing

Without the work of Philadelphians, Earth Day may never have become a thing.

By Catalina Jaramillo/WHYY