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Giving Days

Celebrate Public Media Giving Days!

An announcement for Public Media Giving Days with illustrated characters

Public media has been a source of community and culture for as long as it’s been around. From hosts that feel more like friends to beloved characters who have spanned generations to eye-opening documentaries and gripping dramas.

On this first ever Public Media Giving Days, we’re celebrating the educational content, thought-provoking journalism and entertaining television that #PublicMediaGives people everywhere.

And YOU enable us to do just that! Without support from people like you, we couldn’t maintain the independence that is key to our public service mission. Please donate today to give back in celebration of all that #PublicMediaGives.

Do you have a story to tell about what WITF or public media means to you? Shout it out on social media or send a friend an email or text to help WITF and public media grow! 

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