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Local government needs you

Written by Kate Sweigart, Associate Producer | Apr 3, 2019 4:36 AM
What to look for on Smart Talk, Wednesday, April 3, 2019:

Your local government needs your help; it's time to get involved.

Local governments are an important part of democracy in the United States. They ensure that citizens are involved in the decision-making processes in their city and townships.

In Pennsylvania, there are 67 counties and 2,562 municipalities. They are responsible for planning and paying for roads, organizing police and fire services, and holding elections.

But unfortunately, there appears to be a lack of interest to get involved within local communities. Some local governments struggle to fill vacancies -- whether its electing people into public office, recruiting firefighters, or finding volunteers for local community events. 

Government officials also express concern that public interest is lower during what is referred to as an off-year election cycle. Voter turnout is typically lower during municipal elections than during high profile elections that have a national or a state focus. 

Joining us on Smart Talk Wednesday to discuss the important role of local governments and this election cycle is Dave SankoPennsylvania State Association of Township Supervisors and Doug HillCounty Commissioners Association of Pennsylvania.

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Dave Sanko (left), Pennsylvania State Association of Township Supervisors and Doug Hill (right), County Commissioners Association of Pennsylvania.

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