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Host: Scott LaMar

William Penn's life and the case for female superheroes

Written by Scott LaMar, Host and Executive Producer and Merideth Bucher, Producer | Mar 8, 2019 4:31 AM
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What to look for on Smart Talk Friday, March 8, 2019:

Sunday is Charter Day in Pennsylvania -- marking the day when the Commonwealth's founder William Penn obtained a charter in 1681 for territory that would be known as Pennsylvania from the King of England.

Most Pennsylvanians learned in history classes that Penn was looking to establish a place in the New World for religious freedom -- especially for Quakers who were persecuted for their religious beliefs in Great Britain. However, most don't know much else about Penn who was a businessman, prolific writer and was in debt most of his life.

On Friday's Smart Talk, we learn more about Pennsylvania's founder from Andrew Murphy, author of the new book William Penn: A Life.

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Smart Talk host Scott LaMar with the book William Penn: A Life, by Professor Andrew Murphy.

Also, when it comes to superpowers, closing the 'confidence gap' is probably a female superhero's greatest strength.

It's true that most superheroes are male, but a recent study showed that when a Super is female the impact on young girls is measurable.

Cat woman, Black Widow and Supergirl are known to most, and soon Carol Danvers (aka Captain Marvel) will explode onto the scene.

What will happen when Marvel's 'mightiest Avenger" makes her debut?

Joining us on Smart Talk to make the case for female supers is Dr. Melissa Wehler, Ph.D., Dean of Humanities and Sciences at Central Penn College. Wehler publishes on topics such as feminism, performance and the explosion of strong female characters in popular culture.

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Dr. Melissa Wehler, Ph.D., Dean of Humanities and Sciences at Central Penn College.

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