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Host: Scott LaMar

What's ahead for Trump White House?/Tuk Tuk Lancaster looks to get moving again

Written by Scott LaMar, Smart Talk Host/Executive Producer | Aug 1, 2017 4:03 AM
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What to look for on Smart Talk Tuesday, August 1, 2017:

Monday morning, President Donald Trump tweeted that the White House was not in chaos.  This comes less than two weeks after his Chief-of-Staff and Press Secretary resigned and just a few hours before Communications Director Anthony Scaramucci was fired or resigned -- 10 days after taking the job.

The first six months of the Trump Administration is unlike anything any living American has seen.  At least every week, and sometimes every day, there seems to be a new controversy.  While the president claims to have done more than any other president, except Franklin Roosevelt, during his first months on the job, there isn't a single major legislative victory and Trump's popularity in the polls is lower than any modern president six months into an administration.

Can new Chief-of-Staff John Kelly -- a retired General in the Marines -- bring more discipline to the White House and put it on a better track to pursue the president's policies?

Franklin and Marshall College political analyst and pollster Dr. G. Terry Madonna appears on Tuesday's Smart Talk to discuss the Trump White House and Pennsylvania's budget that hasn't gotten final approval yet.

gtm 9.png

Franklin and Marshall College political analyst and pollster Dr. G. Terry Madonna

Also, many thought touring the city of Lancaster in a tuk tuk was a neat idea.  But the Pennsylvania Public Utility Commission couldn't get onboard with the three-wheeled motorized vehicle because of safety concerns.

Tuk Tuk Lancaster co-owner Timm Wenger is on Tuesday's Smart Talk to make his case for hauling passengers around the city.


Timm Wenger - Co-owner, Lancaster Tuk Tuk / Karen Moury - Attorney

photo: Lancaster Online

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