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Host: Scott LaMar

Smart Talk: Earth Day going corporate?; Etown is 1st college in country to offer interfaith major

Written by Scott LaMar, Smart Talk Host/Executive Producer | Apr 21, 2015 7:40 AM
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What to look for on Smart Talk Tuesday, April 21, 2015:

Wednesday is the forty-fifth anniversary of Earth Day. First celebrated in 1970, the original Earth Day was a protest movement in the spirit of the day, with thousands of colleges and universities organizing demonstrations against environmental destruction. 

Much of the attention then was on air and water pollution.  The same can be said today but climate change is probably the number one environmental concern.

Today, Earth Day is embraced by large companies, raising concerns from some that Earth Day is "going corporate" as corporations are "going green."           

Joining us on Wednesday's Smart Talk to talk about Earth Day and its impact on consumers is Reid Frazier, a reporter and producer for The Allegheny Front environmental radio.

Also on the program, Elizabethtown College is the first in the nation to offer a major in interfaith leadership studies.  The curriculum will include coursework in religion, business, political science, sociology and biology.  Rev. Tracy Sadd, the Chaplain of Elizabethtown College and Katie Baxter, Vice President of Institutional Engagement of the Interfaith Youth Core discuss this initiative.

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Rev. Tracy Sadd

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  • jjones img 2015-04-21 08:18

    This sounds like an ambitious program - I hope it works, drawing good students to lead this country, this world, out of the bitter, fear-ridden attitudes that appear to burden us, cripple us, and draw us into terrible, terrible conflicts.

  • Radio Smart Talk img 2015-04-21 08:39

    Sarah writes:
    Will there be any chance for 'seniors' to 'audit' the classes for reduced cost?

  • Radio Smart Talk img 2015-04-21 08:54

    Rebecca emails:

    Happy to hear your mention of litter. Driving along many Pa roads has noticing what appears to be more and more and more litter.

    Earth Day would be the perfect moment for all of us to bend down and pick up a piece or two of litter.

  • thinkwrite img 2015-04-28 10:00

    The caller who stated that she is a Christian but doesn't feel that God would only provide one way to himself apparently doesn't know much about her own faith. It was Jesus himself who stated that he was the way the truth and the life, and that no one comes to the Father but through him.

    Interfaith studies would be valuable for anybody. Seems like in our enlightened day, people don't distinguish a difference between the doctrine of ISIS and that of Mother Theresa.