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Archived Programs

Highlighting teachers who made a lasting impression on the lives of their students.  

Meltdown at Three Mile Island: 40 Years Later

Examine what happened inside the containment building at TMI on March 28. 

Three Mile Island: The New Nuclear Dilemma

Looking forward to the future of the plant and the nuclear industry.

Top spellers participate in the 2019 WITF Grand Championship Spelling Bee.

Penn’s Woods: Cradle of Conservation

A historic look at how Pennsylvania’s natural resources helped transform the state. 

Generations Yet to Come: Environmental Rights in PA

Pennsylvania recognizes environmental quality as a basic civil right.

Going Home

Imagine living somewhere you didn’t choose. Being told you can’t love or leave.

Great American Read: The Wild World of Jean Craighead George

Author Jean Craighead George inspired a generation of young readers to protect creatures.

Great American Read: John Updike’s Shillington

John Updike emerged as one of America’s most brilliant young writers of the 1950s and 60’s.

Justice in Chester

The struggle to stop the clustering of commercial waste facilities in Chester, PA.

Rachel Carson: Voice of Nature

Focus on Rachel Carson’s work and its impact on PA environmental and conservation policy.

WITF Central PA Spelling Bee 2018

5th to 8th graders from 10 surrounding counties demonstrate their spelling knowledge.

Real Life Real Issues: Juvenile Justice

A behind-the-scenes look into Pennsylvania’s Juvenile Justice System.

Behind the Scenes: Antiques Roadshow Harrisburg 

Watch Central Pennsylvania residents prepare for the local taping of Antiques Roadshow! 

The Vietnam War: WITF Stories

An in-depth look at how the Vietnam War impacted the people of South Central Pennsylvania.

Ned Smith: Gone for the Day 

The story of self-trained artist, writer and naturalist Ned Smith.

Keystone Crossroads: Education Equity

The quality of a child’s education depends a lot on the where the student lives.

WITF Central PA Spelling Bee 2017

35 spellers participate in the WITF Grand Championship Spelling Bee.

Keystone Crossroads: Preservation, Innovation

Keystone Crossroads explores the urgent challenges pressing upon Pennsylvania’s cities.

i go home

The history of people with intellectual disability.

Keystone Crossroads: Old Places, New Faces 

Can new immigrants bring life and opportunities to these places?

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WITF Central PA Spelling Bee 2016

5th to 8th grade students from 10 surrounding counties demonstrate their spelling skills.

WITF Takes Flight: The First 50 Years

Relive the past 50 years of WITF and look forward to the next.

Straight Talk: The Ralph Abele Story

Ralph W. Abele’s “Resource First” philosophy helped protect PA waterways and aquatic life.

Mira Lloyd Dock: A Beautiful Crusade 

Mira Lloyd Dock, the first woman to hold job in PA government either appointed or elected.

Gifford Pinchot’s Conservation Legacy

Gifford Pinchot used his wealth and power to protect the nation’s natural resources.

Keystone Crossroads: Changing Spaces

Pennsylvania’s natural resources have long made the state a hub of industry.

Keystone Crossroads: Municipalities in Distress

What will it take for Pennsylvania’s distressed municipalities to rebuild themselves?

Keystone Crossroads: Bridging Our Communities

As the state repairs and rebuilds its bridges for the 21st century, what can it learn?

2015 WITF Central PA Spelling Bee

5th to 8th grade students from 10 counties demonstrate their spelling knowledge.

Real Life l Real Issues: Drugs & Young People Forum

A community discussion of drug related dangers facing young Pennsylvanians.

2014 witf Central PA Spelling Bee

Watch as 34 fifth, sixth, seventh and eighth graders test their spelling skills.

WITF Cooks: Holiday Traditions

Celebrate the tastes of the season with easy to do recipes that suit every holiday mood!

WITF Central PA Spelling Bee 2013 

Watch as 35 spellers vie for the title of Grand Champion Speller!

The Life of Maurice Goddard

Explore the life and legacy of one of Pennsylvania’s leading and least known conservationists.

A Palace of Art: The Pennsylvania State Capitol

Stories about the art and artisans who helped create the Pennsylvania State Capitol.