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WITF TV Picks for the week of June 23, 2019

Written by John Kinzer, Production/Continuity Specialist witf | Jun 21, 2019 10:26 AM

Sunday June 23 at 9:00pm - Endeavour - A car accident proves to be murder, leading Endeavour to investigate suspects in the Oxford astrophysics department and a TV puppet studio.

Monday June 24 at 10:00pm - POV - The spotlight is beaming on drag shows and a passion play in an Arkansas town. With verve, humor and unfailing compassion, "The Gospel of Eureka" builds unexpected bridges between religious faith and sexual orientation.

Tuesday June 25 at 8:00pm - Secrets of the Dead - Follow historian James Holland on his quest to understand how the use of amphetamines affected the course of World War II and unleashed the first pharmacological arms race.

Wednesday June 26 at 8:00pm - Rivers of Life: The Amazon - The Amazon, the greatest river system on Earth, amasses one-fifth of Earth's freshwater as it flows east from the Andes to the Atlantic. Boiling streams, crystal clear lagoons, pink river dolphins and a strange new reef are some of its many secret and extreme worlds.

Thursday June 27 at 8:00pm - Transforming Health - At one point in time, many parents would have said school is one of the safest places for children. Although many still feel that way, tragedies like the Columbine High and Sandy Hook Elementary school shootings have led schools to examine their safety measures and also the mental well-being of their students. On Transforming Health: Mental Health in Schools, we'll take a closer look at what the education system is doing to keep kids safe and well.

Friday June 28 at 9:00pm - The Great Ride - Explore one of America's most treasured biking destinations. "The Great Ride" consists of two connecting trails, the C&O Canal Towpath and the Great Allegheny Passage linking Pittsburgh to Washington, DC.  Viewers will follow the trail with a diverse group of cycling tour guides, each of whom take us through a different section of the trip.

Saturday June 29 at 9:30pm - 800 Words - Questions are raised over Laura Turner's death, and the Weld rumor mill goes into overdrive. George goes on an epic manhunt through the local populous to learn the source of the scandalous gossip.

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