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Can We Talk?

Written by Fred Vigeant, Director of Programming and Promotions for TV and Radio | Apr 30, 2019 12:30 PM
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Can We Talk? is a four-part miniseries for Mental Health Awareness in May. You can hear the series Sundays at 7:00pm through May on WITF 89.5 & 93.3

Can We Talk? focuses on hard to talk about subjects. Hosted by Dr. Anne Hallward, a Harvard-trained psychiatrist, each show combines compelling stories and expert guidance to explore the intersection of mental health and social change, offering practical tools for navigating challenging conversations.

 Episode themes:

  • Apologies
  • Asking for Help
  • Loneliness
  • Talking to White Kids About Race and Racism.

In Apologies, journalist Danielle Berrin confronts the man who sexually assaulted her; psychologist Harriet Lerner discusses the cultural pressure to forgive. In Asking For Help, veteran Leon Robinson hides his homelessness from his elderly parents; Lynn Ouellette navigates her son's opiate addiction and confronts the difference between love and help. In Loneliness, Professor Juliet Holt-Lunstad discusses the health tolls of loneliness and John Kennedy tells the story of how becoming a psychiatric peer counselor transformed his own suicidal depression. In Talking to White Kids About Race & Racism, Maria Polanco, a Dominican teenager, and Myles Nelson, a white teenager, discuss what white teens need to know to be good allies; white racial justice activist Tim Wise remembers a surprising discussion about race with his own daughters.

Dr. Anne Hallward offers a wealth of clinical experience and knowledge while sharing her own vulnerable stories. Anne is a psychiatrist in Maine, and a recipient of the 2016 Gracie Award for Outstanding Host of a Local Radio Show. The show is produced by Brit Hanson, recipient of a 2018 Edward R. Murrow Award for Breaking News Coverage. Safe Space Radio has broadcast since 2008 and covered a wide range of topics with the mission of reducing shame, stigma, and isolation.

Can We Talk? airs Sundays at 7pm in May on WITF 89.5 & 93.3. More information about the series can be found here...

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