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WITF TV Picks for the week of March 24, 2018

Written by John Kinzer, Production/Continuity Specialist witf | Mar 22, 2019 2:29 PM

Sunday March 17 at 9:00pm - King Charles II on Masterpiece - The hit Broadway show "King Charles III" is adapted for television. A 2016 Tony nominee for Best Play, the drama imagines Prince Charles' ascension to the throne following Queen Elizabeth's death.

Monday March 18 at 9:00pm - Women, War & Peace - Discover the story of the Catholic and Protestant women who come together during Northern Ireland's bloody civil war and fight to ensure that human rights, equality and inclusion shape the historic Good Friday Agreement peace deal.

Tuesday March 19 at 8:00pm - Finding Your Roots -  Actresses Tea Leoni and Gaby Hoffmann's lives have been shaped by family mysteries. They are introduced to the identities and life stories of their biological ancestors, thanks to DNA detective work.

Wednesday March 20 at 9:00pm - NOVA - Discover what it was like to be a knight in shining armor and follow the historic manufacturing process. Join master armorers as they re-engineer the Greenwich armor-considered some of the greatest armor ever made-and then put it to the test.

Thursday March 21 at 8:00pm - Meltdown at Three Mile Island: 40 Years Later - This documentary details what happened inside the containment building at TMI on March 28, the chaos, confusion, miscommunication and fear in the area surrounding the plant afterwards and the legacy of TMI after the accident.

Friday March 22 at 9:00pm - Great Performances - Experience Shakespeare as never before in an all-female production from the Donamr Warehouse set in prison.

Saturday March 23 at 10:00pm - Modus - Follow profiler Inger Johanne Vik as she and her children return to Sweden for a more balanced life. When Inger's autistic daughter Stina witnesses a murder at a wedding reception, she becomes the killer's next target, and that's just the beginning.

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