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Britcoms to get viewer input

Written by witf.org, | Jul 22, 2014 9:23 AM

“Waiting for God”

For many viewers of WITF and other PBS stations across the country, Saturday night is home to British comedies — or “Britcoms” for short.

While the Britcoms still can be found in WITF’s schedule, the number of programs has dropped to two episodes a week. This change came about because it was perceived that enough was enough. There is interest in a whole variety of other Britcoms — “Are You Being Served?,” “As Time Goes By,” “Last of the Summer Wine,” and the list goes on.


“Are You Being Served?”

Currently “Waiting for God” is airing. This program’s original run came about in the early ’90s with 45 episodes. At the time of this article’s printing, “Waiting for God” is the only Britcom on WITF’s schedule, but we’ve heard you want more. One of the challenges, of course, is the expense of these programs.


“As Time Goes By”

Britcoms are aired on WITF through direct syndication with the BBC. These programs are not included with the normal program dues paid to PBS. Here is how syndication works in the public television universe: WITF acquires a series by signing a contract for a particular show for a season. The station is granted a certain amount of times that it can air an episode (typically twice) during the course of the contract (typically two years). The more shows WITF syndicates simultaneously, the more expensive it gets.


"Last of the Summer Wine"

We want to keep the laughs coming, but your help is needed. Beginning in mid-August, WITF will begin a new campaign for Britcoms called “Mind the Brit- Com Classics.” This campaign will fund the comedies that WITF viewers appreciate. Which show will replace “Waiting for God” on WITF’s schedule? Tune in to WITF on Aug. 9 to find out.

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