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With You All the Way: Symposium for Military Family Support

Written by witf.org | Aug 19, 2012 11:00 AM

Two wars, multiple deployments, devastating injuries and psychological trauma. This is just a partial list of what the American military and their families have suffered for the last decade. And while the Veterans Administration is doing all they can, there’s a gap in what they can do—children. Children of the deployed men and women suffer a unique brand of difficulty. They don’t know how to deal with a missing parent, how to help the remaining parent through their stress, and how to cope with all this as their going through their own growing process.

Seeing this gap, Trevor Romain created the Comfort Crew for Military Kids, to get them the help they need to see them through the hard times. Romain is a veteran of dozens of USO tours himself, and is a uniquely gifted communicator.

KLRN, in conjunction with the Comfort Crew, has produced an hour-long Town Meeting-style look at the issue, with perspectives of three other important guests:

A Virginia Tech behavior specialist, a Superintendent of a military school district, and a retired Army Sky Diver. Moderating this panel of interested party is one more interested party: KLRN President Bill Moll, who himself has served as Chairman of the Board of the USO.

Each guest has his or her unique perspective to help viewers through the kind of stresses tearing at military families, and especially the kids. It’s an emotional hour, but it also conveys much detail on where families can turn for the help they need.

witf will be airing With You All the Way on August 26 at 12 p.m.

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