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• Hosted by: Keira McGuire

HealthSmart: Hidden Hazards

Written by Keira McGuire, witf Producer and Host | Jan 19, 2016 10:00 AM

For thousands of years Smallpox was one of the deadliest diseases known to man.  Just a half century ago diseases like whooping cough, polio and measles struck hundreds of thousands in the United States.

Today, smallpox has been eradicated and diseases like whooping cough, polio and measles no longer wreak havoc on our population.  But, according the National Institutes of Health, infectious diseases still kill more people worldwide than any other single cause.

On HealthSmart:  Hidden Hazards we'll talk about why some of the diseases we had almost eliminated from the United States are beginning to reappear.  And, why some infectious diseases are becoming harder to treat.  Plus, we'll offer tips for avoiding germs and staying healthy.

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