2018 Elections Voter Guide

WITF's Smart Talk is featuring interviews with candidates running for governor, U.S. Senate, and U.S. House of Representatives before the November 6 general election. All candidates who appear on the ballot in the WITF listening area and who have opponents were invited to be on the program. The conversations are intended to allow candidates to state their positions on the issues. We didn't decide what positions were right or wrong (except in the case of a factual error or inaccuracy) but want to provide information to voters to help them decide which candidates to support.

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PA Congressional Map

U.S. Senate

Bob Casey Jr. (Democrat) - Campaign did not respond

Lou Barletta (Republican) - Aired 10/26/18

Neal Gale (Green) -  Aired 10/2/18

Dale R. Kerns Jr. (Libertarian) - Aired 11/2/18

PA Governor

Tom Wolf (Democrat) - Did not accept our invitation.

Scott R. Wagner (Republican) - Aired 10/31/18

Paul Glover (Green) - Aired 10/22/18

Ken V. Krawchuk (Libertarian) - Aired 10/22/18

9th Congressional District

Denny Wolff (Democrat) - Aired 10/10/18

Dan Meuser (Republican) - Aired 10/29/18

10th Congressional District

George Scott (Democrat) - Aired 10/15/18

Scott Perry (Republican) - Aired 11/1/18

11th Congressional District

Jess King (Democrat) - Aired 10/25/18

Lloyd K. Smucker (Republican) - Aired 10/23/18

12th Congressional District

Marc Friedenberg (Democrat) - Aired 10/1/18

Tom Marino (Republican) - Campaign did not respond

13th Congressional District

Brent Ottaway (Democrat) - Aired 10/16/18

John Joyce (Republican) - Scheduling conflicts

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