New leadership at the Cultural Alliance of York County

Written by Matt Paul, Reporter/Producer | Feb 21, 2014 4:38 AM
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(York) -- For the first time in its 15-year history, the Cultural Alliance of York County has a new president.

Joanne Riley is retiring as president of the arts and culture organization she's led since its inception in 1999.

But, the transition is expected to be a smooth one.

The Board of Directors has named Mary Anne Winkelman as her successor. Winkelman has worked with Riley at the Alliance for 13 years, and says they share the same passion for the arts.

"This is a great thing for us to be able to help this community grow into a place where companies are proud to open their businesses, they can attract and retain employees because of a rich environment," she says. "It's very motivating. It's very exciting to see the things that are happening in York."

The Cultural Alliance has helped raise more than $11.5 million for the arts under Riley's leadership.

The group's annual campaign began on January 15th. It seeks to raise more than one million dollars by the end of March.

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