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Mount Hill Tavern

Written by Terry Barr, Community blogger | May 22, 2012 2:19 PM

Mount Hill Tavern

Last week I had the pleasure of dining at the Mount Hill Tavern in Colonial Park on Colonial Road. This historic property was a shear delight to experience, and I do say experience!photo-40

Weeks earlier I had an opportunity to visit Mount Hill Tavern for lunch with my friend and editor in order to scout out a proper venue for a workshop and dinner her company was hosting later in the month. Of course our main purpose was to speak to the owner, Doug Neidich, about hosting the event, but to our surprise we found this, not so little eatery, to be warm and very eclectic. Even though lunch was on, we were greeted by a well-prepared server and carefully arranged settings atop a freshly laundered “real” white tablecloth.

After planting our posteriors, which was to be our perch and delight for the next hour, I had the chance to glance around the main dining area to take special notice to the attention to detail. This period structure was accented with tasteful period wall hangings, which accented the bold “wavy glass” pained windows, and if I may say they were spotless. Its funny how the simplest detail can set a rooms mood and atmosphere and yet left unchecked, especially in an older structure, can give off a dirty, dark and uninviting mood. Not this little charmer!

Of course, as is the case every time I dine with a purpose, I had to take a stroll thru the rest of the place to see what I could see. To my surprise plopped right in the middle of the restaurant, was fully stocked wine bar. Being an amateur wine taster, I decided to break my life long cardinal rule: Have a glass of wine at lunch! Research?

“Ah yes Ill have the house merlot”! I think you can tell just how serious an owner is about his establishment from his choice of the house wine.

As I circled the rest of the restaurant back to my seat, I found a quaint little bar opposite the wine bar and a large open foyer leading up to the second floor private dining room enclosed in glass windows. I’m not sure but I don’t think I am important enough to go in there!? Chuckle!

All in all our experience was as delight and well worth a return trip for dinner, a glass of wine (the house Merlot of course! Yum!) under the stars on the private open-air patio.

I hope you will find some down time to visit Doug Neidich, his son AJ and his wonderful staff soon.

Tell him Terry sent you!

Mount Hill Tavern

2120 Colonial Rd.

Harrisburg, PA 17112



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