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Thoughtlessness is All Too Common

Written by Dr. Jacqueline B. Sallade, Community blogger | May 4, 2015 6:05 PM

When we think a person is thoughtless, we usually think about someone who acts or speaks impulsively, never taking into account what could be the consequences of his or her actions.  It happens all the time and often there are no extreme consequences, so maybe no learning takes place. Then, all or sudden, a thoughtless act results in more damage than ever expected, and one's whole world changes.

Thoughtlessness comes in all kinds of formats, too. How about the student who aces courses through sheer memorization, stepping through the grades mindlessly, yet maintaining a high level of ignorance? Or the doctor who ascribes to  the "most common diagnosis" or cookbook, el cheapo form of  medicine? That's how people end of more sick or worse. A friend says something hurtful based on thoughtless stream of ideas, or a parent does, giving a child a lifetime of self-doubt.

On a political scale, countries thoughtlessly improved  their economies, while killing its people through pollution. People kill others based on poorly-thought out, or totally thoughtless, religious or otherwise prejudicial and hostile assumptions.

You get the gist. Let's stop and think about all the ramifications of our decisions, the pros and cons, not just what feels good, what looks good, or what others tell us to emphasize. Think actively. Think what if everyone said or did this sort of thing. Think about others. Think about the future. Active not passive decision-making. Thoughtful not impulsive behavior.

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  • lukashik img 2016-05-05 12:18

    Today's man is in flight from thinking. This flight from thinking and is the basis for thoughtlessness. It is the flight that the person it and does not want to see and not recognized it himself. Today's man will flatly deny this flight from thinking. He would say otherwise. He will say - having every right to do what has never been such far-reaching plans, so many studies in various fields, held so passionately as today. Of course, so to spend money on cunning and inventing in its own way very useful and beneficial. Without such thinking do not. But it remains also true that this is only a special kind of thinking. Showbox

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