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Malpractice Stories Galore

Written by Dr. Jacqueline B. Sallade, Community blogger | Apr 11, 2015 6:36 PM

Dr. Jackie's Mental Health Moment

All week, I heard malpractice stories. People who came out of surgery worse off than they went in told of missed work, unhappiness, pain, inability to function in the small talks of living, dependency on others and other such misery.

A doctor decided to do back surgery in a different way than initially planned. It made things worse. He tried to fix it. That operation made things even worse and totally unfixable. That man is more disabled  than ever. Another doctor failed to listen and respect his patient's knowledge of her condition, an intelligent and well-educated patient who had lived with her damaged limb for a long time and know her body well. He wrecked things for her and the only hope is that she can improve with some other help. Then, there were two infections in the hospital due to poor sanitary conditions. Unforgiveable. Lastly, a woman survived surgery well but her poorly-monitored position on the operating table caused nerve damage, which may never heal. What a travesty!

Even worse psychologically, the doctors take no responsibility, no admission, apology or accountability, due to fear of litigation.  My wish is that these patients will recieve an appropriate apology, help in whatever way necessary and a reasonable settlement to make their lives easier. Mostly, I hope the doctors involved will humbly learn from these mistakes and institute policies to prevent them in the future.


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