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A Simple Life?- Dr. Jackie's Mental Health Moment

Written by Dr. Jacqueline B. Sallade, Community blogger | Mar 17, 2015 5:48 PM

Years ago, someone commented to me that I must live "a simple life," a value she touted because she saw me wearing jeans a lot. Oh, brother....My life was simple in the sense that I worked part-time at what I liked doing, loved my family and hired help to do most housework, But, some of my relationships were complex. The woman who professed the idealism of a simple life had anything but. Her family was a mess, as were her finances and even her volunteer activities. Maybe, though, she felt the sense of simplicity internally, despite her actual situation.

While one man thinks a simple life is having one little home in one place and lying in the sun a lot, another person may think a simple life consists of doing what one wants to do, not matter how many homes, locations, trips, and adventures. The simplicity comes in the interpretation of life. If someone experiences anxiety, whether in the sense of feeling trapped or restricted, or overwhelmed and perplexed, overstimulated and confused by choices, that life is not simple. If the person feels lucky and content, yes, there's simplicity.

Beyond subsistence poverty, money does not dictate whether a life is simple or complex. Neither does intellectuality nor education. It's more a matter of attitude. I know people with disabilities who feel comfortable with a simple life, with which they've made peace. Same with stay-at-homers, world travelers, business entrepreneurs, and cashiers. Anyone can look at her life and decide that, unless there's an unexpected tragic turn of events in terms of health or relationship or terrible bad luck, like a flood, fire or tornado, of course, that it's simple and good because they like it and can handle it.

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    A special category of mental phenomena to human health are a critical situation. Showbox

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