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Inequality is a Law of Life-Sorry

Written by Dr. Jacqueline B. Sallade, Community blogger | Jan 18, 2015 7:18 PM

All people are created equal, right? Under the law, ideally. In terms of their right to respect, love, opportunity. I hope. In reality, NOT. Inequality, of which we hear so much lately, especially with regard to finance, is a law of nature. We're not all alike and we never will be. Even under supposed Communism, in which everyone gets their due, there's not really equality. People work hard to compete, to scrounge, to acquire, or not. They do so at different rates and levels. One person socks away or invests every spare penny and acquires a fortune over time, while another spends every cent on stuff to show off or play. Individual differences, even under similar conditions, create inequality, even in a fair system.

Then, there's the inequality in intelligence, creativity, mental stability, natural health, appearance, whatever.., genetic and environmental. Some people put on weight easily.  Some people grow up exposed to exercise and good eating habits. Some people learn to study hard at an early age. Others fight distraction constantly. Opportunities being equal, there are myriads of reasons one person will thrive and another will not. We can never homogenize social class completely without sacrificing individuality and free choice and creating the 1984 nightmare or brave new terrible world.

I'm sorry that so much inequality in our culture has been tied to age, race, and religion. We will keep trying to eradicate that part, but society may always pick  another characteristic for discrimination. That's another human tendency. Whether the world can learn perfect charity, love, acceptance, and tolerance, I don't think, but we should always be heading in a better direction.

What if enemy prisoners were tortured with movies shown over and over and over of the human relations, families, loves and hurts of the people in the culture they hated? What if the punsishment for kids who threw stones at their enemies in the other sector of their region was having to play games and hold conversations with their peers in the other culture across the way (e.g., Palestinians and Israeli Jews)? What if the condition for lifting sanctions or providing monetary aid were trading exchange students and artistic events, giving lectures and playing sports with each others' country? You get my gist. What works with kids could work with governments and groups some day in some ways, idealistically.

Someone has to have idealism. Inequality is going to happen but let it not be based on characteristics that don't have to create division, like nationality, race, creed, sexual orientation. Accept that natural inequalities will create economic and social inequalities enough. 

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  • lukashik img 2016-05-07 10:27

    In accordance with the philosophy of "inequality" is the Law of life, which is the social engine of the society. To put it in plain English, it's black and white, white should be more to provide a socially healthy society. Their equality will lead to stagnation. Distortion occurs when more of the black, resulting in conflict, disaster and destroys the basis of existence eventually. Unfortunately, we are now the distortion is more black (probably not for nothing that religious people talk about the end of the world, but it is possible and logical way to realize this) . Showbox

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