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Here We Are Again--More Hate Crimes

Written by Dr. Jacqueline B. Sallade, Community blogger | Jan 13, 2015 7:41 PM

Here's a repost of my reaction to killings previously:

The opposite of love is indifference. The underside/ correlary of love is jealousy, anger and even-- in the extreme--hate. All of that horror results from hurt and fear. Most anger is really anger at the self.  So do hate crimes occur because the criminals wished they were more like the objects of hatred? Because they recognize something in common they detest in themselves? Because they can't stand that someone else could be different from them and OK, even nice, comfortable, successful and/or happy? Anger isn't evil, but hate crimes are evil. They are beyond comprehension.

I celebrated Jewish New Year at the synagogue in Toulouse, France one year. There were armed guards surrounding the entrance and even crossing the street to the synagogue, which shocked me. Now, I understand why. I don't feel sorrier about the recent deaths there than about the 16 dead innocent Afghan civilians killed by an apparent soldier gone "postal." Pain is pain. I am not enraged, just sad and feeling small. No matter how much good we try to do in the world, it will never be enough. Yet, we must try.


Now, here we are much later, and it never ceases. Will there always be senseless hate murders? Whoever thinks that they are proving a point or getting revenge by shooting up people who think otherwise really is deluded. The lesson for the world they give is how evil they are and they end up generating sympathy for their supposed enemies. If only we all worked at knowing each other as humans with so many more commonalities than differences.....

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  • lukashik img 2016-05-07 10:25

    Concern about crimes motivated by hatred has become increasingly prominent among policymakers in many countries and at all levels of government in recent years, but the phenomenon is not new. Examples from the past include Roman persecution of Christians, the Ottoman genocide of the Armenians, and the Nazi "final solution" for the Jews, and later, ethnic cleansing in Bosnia and genocide in Rwanda. Crimes of hate have shaped and sometimes defined world history. Showbox

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