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Beheadings by Kids Like the Ones We've Known-How?

Written by Dr. Jacqueline B. Sallade, Community blogger | Sep 28, 2014 6:20 PM

How could it possibly be that a middle class, not schizophrenic, not extremely abused teenager or young person gets brainwashed into such extreme violence in the name of a false religion that he beheads a good person? It's unimaginable. That person must be impounded over and over with the idea that regular people in the world, like British journalists and French aid workers, are evil. It's not so much that he learns that his new religion makes sense, just that everyone else is wrong. Was it the same with Nazi's, Kamikaze pilots, skinheads, and other terrorists?

Let's not try to analyze and understand these people as "lost souls," but let's realize that a few people always have a vision of organizing a new world in their own way. The leaders are deluded, no doubt. How they came up with their vision must have something to do with their backgrounds and mentality. We don't know anything about them. The followers are brainwashed into these delusions, too.  First, their brains are emptied of whatever they believed before, maybe with pain, drugs, anger, disappointment, sense of worthlessness or anxiety. Then, their brains are filled, filled, filled with hatred, lies, judgement and evil inspiration.

There's no arguing with them. The deprogramming needed  to change cult beliefs takes too much time to stem their avid desire to wreak havoc and kill, kill, kill. That's why, for a change, we have to prove to them that they can't win, can't have their way. But, long-term, somehow, the leaders must be stopped in their brainwashing of young people. How? I wish I knew.

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  • lukashik img 2016-05-07 11:21

    A variety of methods of information-psychological war, treatment of the subconscious of a person or group of people by means of suggestion, or special technical means and methods, by which he (they) is programmed on unconditional obedience to someone's orders, to commit any action, or the perception of any suggestible they political, philosophical or religious doctrine. Media is used as a synonym of the term "brainwashing", however, has greater semantic power and, unlike the latter, is not due to conviction, with a suggestion. Showbox

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