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"A Keeper in a Throw Away Society"

Written by Roe Braddy, Community Blogger | Oct 20, 2013 9:15 PM

I absolutely love fall.  There's nothing better than putting on a cozy sweater and a pair of boots. At the start of every season I switch out all my summer sandals for my fall shoes and boots. Every year I pack up my shoes and boots and take them to my favorite shoe cobbler.  John is a friendly man who is a true craftsman in a profession that has almost gone out of existence.  I have been taking my shoes to him for several years now. When he is done with them they are better than new.  Before I leave his shop we always end up engaged in a conversation about how our society has forgotten the times when people repaired their shoes instead of throwing them away and buying a new pair.

These conversations with John always remind me of the many ways that we may have forgotten the importance of preservation.  Yes, I know we live in a society that recycles plastic, paper and metal, but have we forgotten the importance of preservation when it comes to the elderly, those living with a disability and those who live on the end of the poverty line?  Lets not forget that our fair city of Harrisburg has its fair share of all three. Now that our federal government has gotten itself back up on its wobbly legs we can't neglect the living situation of many of the elderly who are making ends meet on a fixed income, only to discover that the ends never do meet, or those who struggle to live independent lives when the threat of residing in a nursing home looms over their heads because funding for attended care has been cut. 

What about the 70 million people who recently were enrolled in the Obama care plan to find them selves un-enrolled because of a computer glitch? Lets use this time of reflection to slow our roll, take a look the real issues that are plaguing the world.  Can we pick up the lost art of taking some time to preserve those things that can not be recycled? Sometimes putting on a new heel or replacing a sole can do wonders for both a shoe and the human soul.


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