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7 Ways to Feed the Hungry with Your Smartphone

Written by Adrienne Wolter, Community Blogger | Oct 6, 2014 10:47 AM

It’s a great thing if you want to give back, to participate in a charity or to do something that has a positive impact on society. Unfortunately, the thought isn't enough in this case; action is required to see your plan through. However, in today’s society, finding the time to give back, to volunteer or to do something great for the world can be difficult, seemingly impossible at times.


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It doesn't have to be this way. In fact, with the seven apps detailed below, you can do good in your everyday life with little to no extra effort. Check out each option, listed from most to least effort required, and download one today to get started.

1. I Can Go Without


It’s easy to be distracted by habits we've formed out of convenience, especially when they cost money that could go elsewhere. I Can Go Without is a free app that offers weekly challenges to users – like skipping that daily cup of coffee or packing a lunch for work – enabling them to save money that can be donated to the charity of their choosing. By going without, you can find a way to do something better for the world and to give back in ways you otherwise may have missed.

2. Feeding Forward


When’s the last time you went slightly overboard in estimating how much food you’d need for a function? Whether you’re a party planner who regularly organizes events, a business owner hosting luncheons for employees, the organizer of a food drive or a stay-at-home mom who hosts house parties, you've probably encountered a situation in which you have had a lot of extra food. Feeding Forward is a free app designed for these situations. After an event, schedule a pick-up time with a driver from a local charity and put your surplus to good use. From there, track where the food was delivered to see firsthand the difference your donation has made.

3. Leftover Swap


Ever tell your kids that there are starving people somewhere who would be grateful for the food they’re refusing? It’s never been truer than now. Leftover Swap is a free app that’s designed to connect those looking for food with those who have food to spare. Simply post what food you have available and where you’re located. From there, individuals looking for food can reach out and set up a time to meet to handle the exchange. Consider it the Craigslist for the hungry; you can make a big impact every day, just by donating what you would normally throw away or waste.



This free app makes it easy to match up your surplus with a food kitchen or shelter in need. Whether you’re a home gardener with an abundance of certain fall foods, or someone who’s into couponing who has already filled your family’s stockpile with certain toiletries, you can make the most of your surplus.’s app allows users to run a search for local charities in need of the items you have a surplus of and to schedule a drop-off time.

5. End Hunger Free Rice Trivia App


Whether or not you've taken part in Free Rice, the trivia game that allows you to test your knowledge in a variety of subject areas, you've probably played a game or two on your smartphone or mobile device while trying to pass the time. What if your mindless gaming could do more? Now it can. The End Hunger Free Rice Trivia App allows users to play the same game they would otherwise, while donating free rice to impoverished countries for each correct answer. Build your brain while giving back? That’s a clear win-win situation.

6. Feedie


Sponsored by the Lunchbox Fund, Feedie is a free app that allows users to post pictures of food. When users eat at participating restaurants across the country and take pictures of their meals – shared over Instagram – a donation is made to provide food to impoverished children in South Africa. Ambassadors for the program include chefs Jamie Oliver, Mario Batali and Peter Tempelhoff.

7. FoodShareFilter


Who doesn’t love sharing photos of good food on Instagram? It’s become a top trend. Now, your photos can make a difference. The FoodShareFilter app donates all download fees – 99 cents – to a charity in El Salvador that feeds the hungry. Additionally, whenever users post photos through the app with #FoodShareFilter, the message “This picture helps millions of people not to suffer hunger” is added to the caption to raise awareness. Extra effort required? None.

Giving back or donating to a charity doesn’t have to be a complicated situation that involves running a race, raising money on your own or going out of your way. These apps make it easier than ever to do good and to contribute to the world during your normal, everyday activities. Pick the app that appeals to you and get started today.

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