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All Pennsylvania PBS stations have joined together to host the first statewide summer reading contest! The Summer Reading Challenge invites all children who have just completed K-5th grade to participate. Readers will be divided into three categories: K-1, 2-3, and 4-5 graders.

Between June 1 - July 31, 2018, all readers will keep a log of books read and their time spent reading on the Summer Reading Challenge Book Log. Here are some of the guidelines of the challenge:

K-3 Readers must read at least one PBS- related book (such as Clifford, Cat in the Hat, Daniel Tiger, etc.)

Grade 4-5 Readers must also watch at least one episode from a PBS show (such as Nature, Nova, or American Experience, etc.) and read a book related to the episode topic.

Part of another summer reading contest? Those books count, too! Just include them on the Book Log!

Regional Recognition

The top 3 readers from each category (K-1, 2-3, 4-5 graders) with the most time spent reading will be contacted with prize details and recognized at a WITF event!

State Recognition

The top reader from each grade group across PA will win a grand prize and be part of a statewide celebration!

Download the Contest Form Here!

Submit your completed Book Log and submission information by August 8, 2018 to:

4801 Lindle Road
Harrisburg, PA 17111

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