Strategies to Make Your Application Count

Written by Nell McCormack Abom, Host Smart Talk TV | Nov 11, 2009 11:00 PM

Six tips for reducing the stress as you complete your applications:

1.    Work ahead of deadlines. Give yourself a margin for error with regard to time. You never know what might come up at the last minute that could interfere with your preparations.

2.    Make sure you and your college advisor are on the same wavelength with regard to what needs to be submitted, by whom and when.

3.    Check to make sure you have submitted the appropriate standardized test results to each school.  If you are applying test optional to any school, remind your college advisor to remove the scores from the transcripts that will be sent to those schools.

4.    If you are preparing an online application, print out a copy of the form with the work you have completed at the end of each entry session. It’s always good to have a hard copy on file. Besides, you might find it easier to edit the hardcopy.


5.    Print out the final drafts of your applications and put them away for several days. Then, read through the hard copies. Are they saying what you want them to say? The extra time you take in editing will give you a perspective you may not have had as you worked through the documents initially.

6.    If you are preparing DVDs, CDs or portfolios, submit them in duplicate so one copy goes to the admission office and the other goes directly to the program directors who will be evaluating them.

Peter Van Buskirk is an author, consultant, speaker and creator of the Best College Fit™ Resources. Visit to learn more about Peter and his student-centered approach to college planning.

Published in Life After 12th Grade

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