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After years of dealing with well-meaning relatives and restaurants with no veggie-friendly options but salad and gigantic Portobello mushrooms, Rebecca is excited to share her hard-won recipes, nutrition tips and restaurant dining advice with both fellow herbivorous and omnivorous Central PAers alike.

Eating Vegetarian with Pasta Salad

Written by Becky Cecala, Community blogger | Sep 5, 2014 8:31 AM

There is definitely a Trader Joe's theme to my cooking lately.  Last night's dinner was pasta salad with Trader Joe's veggie burgers.

Pasta salad is a delicious and cool dinner, particularly during these warm late summer days.  I love using multi-colored spiral pasta in salads, and have also had really good luck with Tinkyada's gluten-free rice pasta, which is available at Giant food stores in our area.  Last night I used spiral and elbow-shaped rice pasta with chopped onion, red peppers, tomatoes, cucumbers, edamame, cubed sharp cheddar cheese, and (of course) Trader Joe's balsamic vinaigrette.  The salad tastes better and better the longer you let it sit (covered) in the refrigerator.  

Photo by Becky Cecala

Published in More than Mushrooms: Eating Vegetarian - A community blog

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