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Creator Academy

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WITF Creator Academy, an exciting audio and video curation and coaching program, is all about uncovering and boosting the next big student creators from colleges and universities across central Pennsylvania. Dive into the world of authentic storytelling, sharing your unique take on campus life and the hot topics that matter most to today’s young adults. With awesome mentorship and hands-on coaching, you’ll sharpen your skills, find your voice, and maybe even go viral! Get ready to create, connect, and shine with WITF Creator Academy!

Our Latest Projects


Step into the classroom as student creator, Adam Beam, dives into all things elections with ElectionEd. In “crash-course” style videos, discover the important information college students need to know about all things elections.  

College Radio Chronicles 

Being a college radio general manager is a BIG responsibility, and student creator, Jenna Cornell, takes audiences along for the spring semester. So, turn those faders up and make sure your levels are good, and get ready to see the College Radio Chronicles unfold.  

East Coast Venue Vibes  

The East Coast is home to an abundance of historic cities, interesting landmarks, and of course, unique venues to hear live music and have a bite to eat! Dive into East Coast Venue Vibes with student creator Frederick Hardman as he highlights some of his favorite places on the East Coast.  

Meet The Mentors

Aimee Bealer

Aimee Bealer is a video producer for WITF with projects varying from short-form social media first videos with Adultability, vodcasts like Postscript, and anytime the marketing team lets her make a silly video. With skills in videography, audio production, scripting, graphic design, and user interface design, she has a passion for learning new things that will help her grow in this industry. Previously, she was WITF’s Production and Continuity Specialist, and Events Intern in her final year of her college career. Aimee graduated from Lebanon Valley College with a B.S. in Digital Communications with a concentration in User Experience.

Emma Halsey

Emma Halsey is an Audio Producer for WITF and helps in other varying roles throughout the company. Including as a Producer and Engineer for WITF’s The Spark, and a fill-in Radio Host for All Things Considered and Morning Edition as well as working events when needed. Emma’s skills include audio production, audio engineering, hosting, graphic design, script writing, and photography. She has a passion for learning and helping her peers be the best version of themselves they can be, both professionally and personally. Emma graduated from Shippensburg University with a B.S. in Communications, Journalism and Media with a concentration in Visual Media.

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