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New documentary celebrates PA conservation hero Ned Smith

Written by WITF Staff | Jul 17, 2017 2:58 PM


WITF in partnership with the Pennsylvania Conservation Heritage Project continues to produce documentaries as part of an on-going effort to tell the story of the state's rich conservation heritage and the people who helped protect our resources. 

One of the many conservation heroes who helped shape Pennsylvania's environmental heritage was self-trained artist, writer and naturalist Ned Smith. Over the span of 45 years, Smith made an important connection between art and conservation as he created thousands of astonishingly detailed drawings and paintings of wildlife.

Join us as we screen WITF-TV's new documentary Ned Smith: Gone for the Day Friday, August 11 at 6pm at the Ned Smith Center for Nature & Art in Millersburg.  Afterwards participate in a panel discussion covering Smith's impact on Pennsylvania's conservation heritage. Register for this FREE event below.

Generations of Pennsylvania Game News Magazine readers have recognized Ned Smith as the man whose artwork adorned the front cover every month. For hundreds of thousands Pennsylvania sportsmen, having a Game News subscription was, and continues to be, akin to getting a hunting license. It's a must have, a must read, and looking back, a treasure of Pennsylvania outdoor history.

Ned's biggest legacy as a conservationist was also as an educator. By taking the wildlife of Pennsylvania and making it vividly wild and alive, he made it accessible to those who might not have otherwise paid attention.  He started many on a trek that goes from recognizing the importance of the environment to inspiring a true love of the outdoors. You don't try to save something unless you really care about it.  For untold thousands of people, Ned Smith laid the groundwork that made it possible for people to see the conservationist in themselves, and to step forward to do what they needed to do to preserve Pennsylvania's Natural Heritage. 

Don't miss the broadcast premiere of Ned Smith: Gone for the Day Thursday, August 17 at 8pm on WITF TV.

Look for two additional documentaries focusing on environmental injustice in Chester, PA--a predominately poor African American community near Philadelphia--and Rachel Carson's connection to Pennsylvania and the impact her work has had on environmental and conservation policy.

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