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August's Pick of the Month: Bathtub Western

Written by witf.org, | Jul 30, 2014 4:13 PM

Howdy, and welcome to the adventure of a lifetime! Or, at least, the adventure of a bathtime... get ready to see pirates and trolls, knights and cowboys, daring rescues, little brothers, and...ew. Broccoli. These are big, beautiful, hardcover, comic-style picture books. Created for those too old for your typical picture book, but too young to read the graphic novels better suited for older kids. Still makes a great story, read aloud, for any age!

These books use the visual style and adventurous feel of comic books to reshape and support the classical ideas, themes, and innocent fun found in children's books.

Author's Mission: To adapt the magical sense of fun and adventure that we discovered in the children's books of our youth and to remold that magic to a form more accessible to today's kids. The children of the new millenium are different in many ways from those of the 60s, 70s, and 80s, but many children's books today stick very close to the paradigms developed by the authors of previous generations. We aim to break the existing mold (gently), and reshape it (tenderly).

sample page:


 Please click on the image above to view a short preview of the book.

Can't find the book for sale in central PA? It is available on Amazon or through www.greysoulstudio.com!

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