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Wyatt Massey/SpotlightPA

Investigative Reporter
Twitter: @News4Mass
Focus: Penn State University

Massey investigates how Penn State University operates, including its influence in the region and state. The university receives more than $300 million in funding from the state but evades most transparency measures under Pennsylvania’s Right-to-Know Law. Massey scrutinizes the main University Park campus as well as the university’s 19 additional branch campuses.

A native of rural Wisconsin, Massey previously covered faith and religion for the Chattanooga Times Free Press in Southeast Tennessee.

Latest by Wyatt Massey/SpotlightPA

Hundreds of Penn State faculty are publicly and privately questioning university leadership

New internal letters and emails show fracturing within the university over how to best address racism after two high-profile decisions by leadership.
By Wyatt Massey/SpotlightPA

Penn State’s new president led a Kentucky university through crises. This is the story of her high-wire act.

Neeli Bendapudi led the University of Louisville during a period of turmoil, but her sudden move to Happy Valley raised questions about her motivations and commitment.
By Wyatt Massey/SpotlightPA

Penn State cancels its Center for Racial Justice after faculty push for funding decision

In announcing its decision to cancel the center, Penn State pledged at least $3.5 million toward existing university efforts to address racism.

By Wyatt Massey/SpotlightPA

Penn State wavers on funding for Center for Racial Justice, a key commitment after 2020 protests

Faculty leading a search for the center’s director were told last month that Penn State had not allocated funding for the racial justice initiative, once deemed “just the beginning.”

By Wyatt Massey/SpotlightPA

Why doesn’t James Franklin show up on Penn State’s list of highest-paid employees?

Penn State’s head football coach makes a guaranteed $7 million a year, but he doesn’t appear on the university’s required list of top 25 highest-salaried employees.

By Wyatt Massey/SpotlightPA

Schools like Penn State self-police student-athlete endorsement deals

The NCAA and federal government have left it up to lawmakers in each state to craft NIL guidelines for athletic programs — or choose to impose no guardrails at all.

By Wyatt Massey/SpotlightPA

Amid budget crunch, Penn State trustees spent nearly $318,000 on meals, lodging, and more for meetings

While it’s common for boards to cover the cost of doing business, details of the spending come as the university raises tuition and slashes spending to overcome a $127 million budget deficit.

By Wyatt Massey/SpotlightPA

Why did Penn State create a new vice president position during a hiring freeze?

Just days after announcing a hiring freeze, Penn State created a new office and hired a new vice president. Here’s what the university has to say about that decision.
By Wyatt Massey/SpotlightPA