Sam Dunklau, Capitol Bureau Chief

Sam Dunklau is the Capitol Bureau Chief for WITF. He previously covered Illinois state government for NPR member station WUIS in Springfield, IL.

Since 2015, Sam has been floating around the radio airwaves as a reporter, disc jockey, and station manager. He grew up in the small midwestern town of Paw Paw, Illinois and is a proud graduate of Augustana College.

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House lawmakers grill health department leaders over Pa.’s coronavirus vaccine rollout

During the Department of Health’s annual budget hearing, lawmakers of both parties focused on what they say are ongoing problems with its vaccine administration plan

By Sam Dunklau

Experts: Parts of redistricting process can still happen without census data

The five member commission that draws the maps can start organizing, scheduling hearings, and more while it waits for the final census numbers to arrive.

By Sam Dunklau

‘We were counting on plans that never materialized:’ PennDOT details funding problems and possible fixes

The Department told lawmakers that temporary tolling to fund bridge replacements, managed lanes and driver fee increases are all on the table to stabilize revenue after a pandemic-induced drop.

By Sam Dunklau

‘This isn’t just a math game gone awry:’ advocates want publicly-drawn maps to be a part of redistricting

Groups like the Committee of Seventy and Fair Districts PA say districts drawn by citizens are less prone to gerrymandering.

By Sam Dunklau

Pa. Republicans have lost voters this year, but it may not make a difference in upcoming elections.

Democrats in Pennsylvania hold a registration advantage, even though the GOP had narrowed it the last two decades.

By Sam Dunklau

Dozens of GOP state lawmakers wanted Pa.’s electoral votes overturned. Two reflect on their decision.

Letters from the state House and Senate played in to the narrative of Trump’s election-fraud lie, which led to the Jan. 6 attack on the U.S. Capitol.

By Sam Dunklau

State lawmakers unite on COVID relief, but split on limiting governor’s emergency powers

Gov. Wolf says he’ll sign the relief bill. ‘Help is on the way,’ one legislator said.

By Sam Dunklau

Updated: February 6, 2021 | 1:16 pm

House sponsors hope derailed sex abuse survivor rights amendment will get back on track

House Leaders Benninghoff and McClinton said Thursday they will try an emergency amendment process to get the measure before voters in the spring.

By Sam Dunklau

Minimum wage, marijuana and pandemic recovery among Gov. Wolf’s not-so-new lawmaking priorities

The governor outlined more than a dozen legislative priorities ahead of his annual budget address next week.

By Sam Dunklau

Updated: January 25, 2021 | 7:09 pm

Rep. Scott Perry confirms election fraud talks with Trump, DOJ lawyer amid president’s effort to overturn Georgia results

The central Pennsylvania Republican says former President Trump asked him to make the introduction to a Justice Department lawyer as Trump pursued debunked claims of election fraud.

By Sam Dunklau