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Ryan Briggs is an investigative journalist who has covered politics, criminal justice and government policy since 2011. He has worked as a staff reporter for Next City, the Philadelphia City Paper, Philly.com and City & State PA, while contributing stories to a variety of other news outlets as a freelancer, including WHYY.

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No deed, no deal: Pa. real estate industry stymied by move online

Deed recording is one of the oldest county government functions, meaning the stoppage is likely the first time Philadelphia has indefinitely suspended the in-person deed transfers in its 337-year history.

By Ryan Briggs/WHYY

Four more parents sue in incidents of children duct-taped in preschool van

Four additional families have filed lawsuits related to a 2018 incident in which several special needs children were tied up with duct tape by a preschool van driver in Philadelphia.

By Ryan Briggs/WHYY and Nina Feldman/WHYY

‘How could they do that to my kid?’: Parents sue state-funded van service after preschoolers tied up with duct tape

The lawsuit underscores the complex web of companies responsible for transporting tens of thousands of vulnerable children and low-income Philadelphians to clinics and behavioral health programs.

By Nina Feldman/WHYY and Ryan Briggs/WHYY

SEPTA unit chief promoted to top job amid FBI inquiry

The scheme allegedly involved a string of the transit agency’s facility managers who colluded with outside vendors to fabricate fraudulent supply and repair invoices. Invoices were paid, using SEPTA office credit cards, but the requested services or merchandise were never fulfilled.

By Ryan Briggs/WHYY

Philadelphia’s building boom spawned a demolition boom in 2019

Philadelphia real estate developers sought to tear down more buildings in 2019 than any other year on recent record.

By Ryan Briggs/WHYY

Most Philly charter schools failed to test water for lead — and city gave them a pass

The fact that many schools either didn’t test or didn’t respond to repeated requests for comment left some parents uneasy.

By Ryan Briggs/WHYY and Avi Wolfman-Arent/Keystone Crossroads

Philly school knew about toxic lead in drinking water but kept parents in the dark

“For there to be lead in the school where children go and drink water, and the parents are not notified…. I was not aware of this.”
By Avi Wolfman-Arent/Keystone Crossroads and Ryan Briggs/WHYY