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WHYY arts & culture reporter Peter Crimmins first became interested in radio in the fourth grade, when he hid a homemade, contraband crystal-diode radio in a shoebox and smuggled it into the Boy Scout summer camp.
Subsequent radio projects were more successful. For eight years, Peter was the producer and host of a radio show about cinema — “Film Close-Ups” — on KALX in Berkeley, Ca., and was senior producer at Ben Manilla Productions in San Francisco (i.e. the paying gig). After wandering the freelance universe for a few years, he joined the WHYY staff. He rides his bike to work from South Philadelphia.

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Penn Museum to repatriate skulls of Black Americans and slaves from Cuba

The Morton Collection of more than 1,000 human skulls was assembled in the 19th century by Dr. Samuel Morton, who used them in an attempt to find an anthropological basis for white supremacy.

By Peter Crimmins/WHYY

Philly area congregations more prepared for second pandemic Passover than first

For many Jews, Passover 2020 was the first major religious event of the pandemic, arriving under a cloud of dread. This year, many are entering the holiday with a bit more optimism.

By Peter Crimmins/WHYY

For the first time in almost 200 years, the sun will shine on the Philly Flower Show

This year’s show will be in Franklin Delano Roosevelt Park in South Philadelphia, from June 5 – 13.

By Peter Crimmins/WHYY

After a year of pandemic sacrifices, the faithful make one more for Lent

Even though the past year of the coronavirus pandemic has caused many to sacrifice a lot already, observant Christians will still live a little leaner in observance of Lent.

By Peter Crimmins/WHYY

Philly composer writes a series of jazz and blues songs inspired by Tacony Creek

The Tacony Creek Suite, being released this month, is an ode to the placid and turbulent moods of the creek, and to the oasis of tranquility it could become.

By Peter Crimmins/WHYY

From Philly to Erie, 12 Pa. voters talk about their crucial swing state vote

Our network of reporters talked with people across the state about who they are voting for and how they’re being affected by the biggest issues of the year — including COVID-19, the economy, and protests for racial justice.

By Laura Benshoff/WHYY, Min Xian/WPSU, Emily Previti, Peter Crimmins/WHYY, Alanna Elder, Sam Dunklau and Ariel Worthy/WESA

Before the bombing: How MOVE became one of Philly’s greatest tragedies

The documentary “40 Years a Prisoner” will premiere on HBO in December.

By Peter Crimmins/WHYY