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Merideth Bucher

Producer of WITF's Smart Talk

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Affordable housing is on everyone’s wish-list

For low-income families or individuals with limited resources, affordable housing might seem like an impossible dream.

By Merideth Bucher/WITF

Holiday drink ideas to usher in the season

There’s nothing like a frosty beverage to get a party started. Cocktails and even “mocktails” can reflect the season and elevate any gathering. 

By Merideth Bucher/WITF

U.S. Route 15 is focus of human trafficking

The central Pennsylvania area is especially vulnerable to human trafficking because of the interstate highway system crossing through the state.

By Merideth Bucher/WITF

Books-as-gifts guide to holiday giving

It’s that most wonderful time of year when thoughts turn to holiday gift-giving. So what better way to show friends and family that you care than by finding them an amazing book to read.

By Merideth Bucher/WITF

Smart Talk: The Extraordinary Give 2021

Each year, the Lancaster County Community Foundation hosts The Extraordinary Give, the nation’s largest per capita one-day online fundraiser that benefits over 500 non-profit organizations. 

By Merideth Bucher/WITF

What is the role for nurse practitioners in Pa.?

The advent of the Nurse Practitioner profession in the 1960’s was intended to expand health care options for people living in underserved communities. Since then, the number of practitioners has grown exponentially, along with their influence in healthcare. 

By Merideth Bucher/WITF

Careers that Work; leveraging the talents and contributions of older workers

Many aspects of the labor force has changed during the past two years, as workers left jobs for new careers and some retired early to explore other opportunities.

By Merideth Bucher/WITF

Recognizing the contributions of America’s veterans to our nation

Commemorating a Century of Honor: The Tomb of the Unknown Soldier, 1921-2021
By Merideth Bucher/WITF

Abduction survivor Elizabeth Smart shares her story

Elizabeth Smart’s abduction kept the nation captivated until she was ultimately reunited with her family on March 12, 2003. 

By Merideth Bucher/WITF

Redistricting plans are underway, with little public oversight

Now that the 2020 Census numbers are complete, the legislative working groups have begun the onerous work of redrawing Congressional districts to better represent Pennsylvania’s changing demographic.

By Merideth Bucher/WITF