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Compassionate listening in a hyper-connected world

The Someone to Tell It To organization believes that compassionate listening is so powerful as to improve relationships. In fact, they say that all healthy relationships begin with conscious listening that is authentic and non-judgmental.

By Merideth Bucher

Health officials sound the alarm over vaping

Health officials across the country are sounding the alarm over E-cigarette use, which is also known as vaping. 

By Justin Kocis, Merideth Bucher and Brett Sholtis

Redistricting Reform Commission releases report

The bipartisan Pennsylvania Redistricting Reform Commission released a final report recently with recommendations to improve the process and find consensus in redistricting.

By Scott LaMar and Merideth Bucher

A legislative plan to eliminate property taxes

For years, lawmakers have proposed eliminating the property tax burden, with little success. Advocates for change say the current system places an undue burden on citizens who can least afford to pay, like seniors and those living on limited income.  

By Merideth Bucher and Anna Sirianni

Legislation aims to help fire companies recoup cost

In Pennsylvania, more than 96% of registered fire departments are manned by volunteers. Managing a volunteer fire department is an exercise in doing a lot with very little funding. There is new legislation in the works that would allow volunteer fire companies to bill for the cost of their emergency response.  

By Merideth Bucher

Is Pennsylvania doing enough for the Chesapeake Bay cleanup?

Also: why natural product labeling might be misleading.

By Merideth Bucher

Are independently-owned pharmacies at risk?

The high cost of prescription drugs isn’t only hurting consumers, it may also be partly responsible for the demise of the independently owned pharmacy

By Merideth Bucher

Urban Forests enhance quality of life

 Urban forests make up a large component of America’s forested areas. They come in different shapes and sizes and include parks, river boundaries, street trees and other community greenways. As our nation becomes more urbanized, urban forests become more important.   

By Merideth Bucher and Smart Talk

Millersville University president discusses goals

Also, Pennsylvania libraries are still underfunded after cuts made 10 years ago

By Merideth Bucher and Smart Talk

The 2020 Census preparations are underway

Counting the entire population of the country, estimated at nearly 330 million people, is a massive undertaking and involves years of planning and preparation.

By Merideth Bucher and Smart Talk