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Marie Albiges covers election administration and the process of voting through a collaboration between Votebeat and Spotlight PA. Marie joins the team from Virginia, where she covered the legislature and governor’s office for the Daily Press and The Virginian-Pilot. A winner of several Virginia Press Association awards, Marie previously reported on the treatment of inmates, mental health, redistricting and the census. She’s also reported in Austin, TX, where she covered government and education. A French native, Marie spent most of her childhood in Berks County and graduated from Christopher Newport University in Virginia.

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Updated: May 3, 2021 | 5:56 pm

Pa. Supreme Court picks former Pitt chancellor to chair powerful redistricting commission

Mark Nordenberg, the third former law professor to hold the position, was selected by the court after the legislature’s four caucus leaders deadlocked on a decision.

By Marie Albiges for Spotlight PA

Updated: April 30, 2021 | 6:19 pm

Pa. Supreme Court will pick chair of powerful state redistricting panel

The decision was handed to the majority-Democrat court after the top leaders in the House and Senate failed to reach a bipartisan agreement.

By Marie Albiges for Spotlight PA

Anticipating ‘partisan’ impasse, Democrats ask court to prepare to draw Pa. congressional map

The legal challenge comes just one day after the U.S. Census Bureau confirmed Pennsylvania will lose one of its 18 congressional seats, setting up a contentious battle to protect incumbents.

By Marie Albiges for Spotlight PA

Key GOP lawmaker eyes photo ID, signature matching as Pa. considers voting changes

Election officials were impressed by 10 state House oversight hearings, but it’s still unclear if lawmakers will embrace their recommendations.

By Marie Albiges for Spotlight PA

The deciding vote in Pa.’s high-stakes political redistricting could be yours, if lawmakers agree

Four of Pennsylvania’s most powerful lawmakers are accepting applications to chair the redistricting commission, and advocates are hoping for independence.

By Marie Albiges for Spotlight PA

Pa. audit confirms Biden got more votes than Trump, but can’t tell us much else

A Spotlight PA and Votebeat examination of the underlying data and interviews with experts show the review, known as a risk-limiting audit, is actually quite narrow and cannot speak to the finer details of how well the election was administered on a county-by-county or precinct-level basis.

By Marie Albiges for Spotlight PA

Counties will again be unable to process mail ballots early during Pa.’s primary election

While a municipal primary typically sees low turnout, election officials said they can’t predict how many voters will take advantage of the state’s no-excuse mail voting law.

By Marie Albiges for Spotlight PA

Pa.’s new auditor general says his election was fair, but he won’t talk about the others

Because Timothy DeFoor may be asked to investigate the 2020 election, his office said he “must maintain his independence.”

By Marie Albiges for Spotlight PA

Delay in census data could put transparency in Pa.’s redistricting process at risk

Carol Kuniholm — chairperson of Fair Districts PA, a nonprofit group advocating for redistricting reform — said she’s concerned lawmakers will use the delay as an excuse to limit transparency and public input, which has been minimal in previous decades.

By Marie Albiges for Spotlight PA