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Marie Albiges for Spotlight PA

Marie Albiges covers election administration and the process of voting through a collaboration between Votebeat and Spotlight PA. Marie joins the team from Virginia, where she covered the legislature and governor’s office for the Daily Press and The Virginian-Pilot. A winner of several Virginia Press Association awards, Marie previously reported on the treatment of inmates, mental health, redistricting and the census. She’s also reported in Austin, TX, where she covered government and education. A French native, Marie spent most of her childhood in Berks County and graduated from Christopher Newport University in Virginia.

Latest by Marie Albiges for Spotlight PA

Panel agrees to put guardrails on how Pa. lawmakers draw congressional maps, but not their own

The decision diminished anti-gerrymandering advocates’ hopes of preventing Pennsylvania’s most powerful lawmakers from drawing maps that unfairly benefit one political party.

By Marie Albiges for Spotlight PA

Key Pennsylvania state senator backs Arizona-style election audit

State Sen. David Argall said he did not know why his constituents were so distrusting of the results, as former President Donald Trump and allies continue to falsely claim the election was stolen.

By Sarah Anne Hughes/Spotlight PA and Marie Albiges for Spotlight PA

Mark Zuckerberg helped some Pa. counties survive the 2020 election. Right-wing lawmakers say that was unfair.

More than 20 Pennsylvania counties turned to private philanthropy when it became apparent the Republican-led General Assembly wasn’t going to help them cover COVID-related expenses.

By Marie Albiges for Spotlight PA

Experts say Pa.’s 2021 primary was typical, but GOP lawmakers are seizing on issues

Routine poll issues, some mail-ballot snafus, and low turnout were all par for the course of a normal election.

By Marie Albiges for Spotlight PA

A new wave of election directors step in to fill Pa.’s many vacancies — with little training and varying experience

After a ‘nightmare’ year led to massive job turnover among those who run Pennsylvania's elections, there are growing calls for standardized training to provide more support and guidance.
By Marie Albiges for Spotlight PA

Updated: 2021-05-03 17:56:01

Pa. Supreme Court picks former Pitt chancellor to chair powerful redistricting commission

Mark Nordenberg, the third former law professor to hold the position, was selected by the court after the legislature’s four caucus leaders deadlocked on a decision.

By Marie Albiges for Spotlight PA

Updated: 2021-04-30 18:19:16

Pa. Supreme Court will pick chair of powerful state redistricting panel

The decision was handed to the majority-Democrat court after the top leaders in the House and Senate failed to reach a bipartisan agreement.

By Marie Albiges for Spotlight PA