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Maria Scapellato/WESA

Maria Gabriel Scapellato began her radio career at a commercial radio station in Harrisburg in 1985. Later, she moved to WITF 89.5 FM as the local host of All Things Considered, returning to Pittsburgh in 1992, where she has since worked in both radio and television at various Pittsburgh stations as a general assignment reporter. Originally from West Mifflin in the Mon Valley, she studied Journalism at West Virginia University.

Latest by Maria Scapellato/WESA

‘Move over law’ requires motorists in Pennsylvania to steer clear of emergency responders

Fines for a first offense increase from $250 to $500. That jumps to $1,000 for a second offense.

By Maria Scapellato/WESA

Symptoms aren’t just ‘in people’s heads’: Clinic helps COVID-19 long-haulers recover

More than 200 people have been treated at the UPMC Post COVID-19 Recovery Clinic since it opened last year.

By Maria Scapellato/WESA

Movie making helps boost Pittsburgh businesses

January is typically a slow month for Pittsburgh Smokehouse owner Andy Wincko, but this year he said business was good thanks in part to the film industry. 

By Maria Scapellato/WESA

New Pittsburgh business incubator supports Latino entrepreneurs

The executive director says setting up a small business can be challenging for Latino entrepreneurs who aren't native English speakers.
By Maria Scapellato/WESA

Politics, tariffs and a late Thanksgiving could put a damper on holiday sales

Shoppers have only 26 days between Thanksgiving and Christmas to snag their seasonal wares.

By Maria Scapellato/WESA