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Tight deadlines may impact how Pittsburgh’s Housing Opportunity Fund money is spent next year

Each year, the advisory board of the Housing Opportunity Fund must decide how to split $10 million among its programs, from helping homeowners afford necessary repairs to providing emergency funding so people can make rent.

By Margaret J. Krauss/WESA

How Allegheny County is approaching opportunity zones

Opportunity zones were designed to do two things: bring economic development to low-income communities and produce financial returns for investors.

By Margaret J. Krauss/WESA

How Pittsburgh police are approaching one year after Tree of Life

For the officers who rushed to the scene that day, the first anniversary, like any significant trauma, may be the toughest.

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Allegheny County agency releases plan to control sewage overflows, but critics say it’s not enough

When the Allegheny County Sanitary Authority began operations in 1959, sending stormwater and sewage into a combined system that could overflow into the rivers was a huge asset. But times change.

By Margaret J. Krauss/WESA

As cities embrace new modes of transit, gaps in accessibility remain

Cities around the world have begun to reevaluate the preeminence of the car as residents and officials look to the future.

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