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Pennsylvania public transit will ride a wave of new cash in 2022

Pennsylvania’s public transportation agencies will receive more than $617 million this year — though it is too early to say precisely what impact that money will have.

By Margaret J. Krauss/WESA

Pennsylvania state lawmakers call for bridge funding as PennDOT releases new Fern Hollow design

Pennsylvania’s House Democratic Policy Committee met in Pittsburgh Tuesday to discuss bridge and infrastructure funding

By Margaret J. Krauss/WESA

Some groups want more time to design Pittsburgh Fern Hollow replacement

Efforts to restore the collapsed Fern Hollow Bridge in Pittsburgh were fast-tracked through an emergency declaration at the end of January.

By Margaret J. Krauss/WESA

No one knows exactly why the Fern Hollow Bridge collapsed, but it’s natural to want to

In the days after the loss of the Fern Hollow Bridge, questions and speculation about what could have caused its collapse have abounded, and for understandable reasons: There are more than 400 bridges in the City of Pittsburgh alone.

By Margaret J. Krauss/WESA

PennDOT will foot the bill to replace the Fern Hollow Bridge

“Had we had this boost in federal funding years ago, you know, that bridge might have been one of the ones that — it may still be standing today.”

By Margaret J. Krauss/WESA

What Pittsburgh’s Fern Hollow Bridge collapse can tell us about Pennsylvania bridges

The collapse of the city-owned Fern Hollow Bridge on Friday has raised concerns about the state of Pennsylvania’s thousands of bridges, nearly 20% percent of which were in poor condition as of a 2018 review by the Pittsburgh section of the American Society of Civil Engineers.

By Margaret J. Krauss/WESA

Paying for Pennsylvania’s bridge repairs with new tolls remains divisive

During Thursday’s hearing, legislators faulted PennDOT officials for moving too fast on the plan, and providing too little information.

By Margaret J. Krauss/WESA

A state tax generates millions for affordable housing, but state law prevents it from generating millions more

The state’s realty transfer tax last year generated $40 million in support for the Pennsylvania Housing and Rehabilitation Enhancement program, but it could do a lot more.

By Margaret J. Krauss/WESA

Pennsylvania must dramatically expand access to housing, advocates say

Lawmakers said Pennsylvania could use some of its $7 billion in federal pandemic relief, but state officials disagree over how to spend that money.

By Margaret J. Krauss/WESA