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Katie Meyer/Spotlight PA

Focus: Governor’s office, legislature, elections

Meyer covers government and elections, with a focus on the money and powerful interests that can shape policy decisions, and the ways those decisions affect Pennsylvanians. She also plans coverage and edits Spotlight’s government team.
Previously, Meyer was political reporter for WHYY Public Radio in Philadelphia, and covered state politics and government for WITF Public Radio in Harrisburg. She lives in South Philly.

Latest by Katie Meyer/Spotlight PA

Shapiro wants to tax skill games. He must first navigate Pa.’s wealthy, warring gambling interests.

Because skill games aren’t explicitly legal in Pennsylvania, the question of whether the games should be allowed to operate has led to State Police seizures and sparked years of litigation over their status.
By Stephen Caruso/SpotlightPA and Katie Meyer/Spotlight PA

Raising taxes on the table as Pa. weighs how to pay for education court ruling

Gov. Josh Shapiro is set to give his budget address, kicking off a debate over how Pennsylvania should pay for additional investments in education required by a court ruling.

By Stephen Caruso/SpotlightPA and Katie Meyer/Spotlight PA

What’s the status of abortion access in Pennsylvania?

Pennsylvanians can get abortions up to 24 weeks. But access advocates say there are still too many restrictions, like waiting periods, parental consent rules, and insufficient funding.

By Katie Meyer/Spotlight PA

Long-sought charter school changes on the table as Pa. lawmakers plot education funding overhaul

Pennsylvania lawmakers say a court mandate to overhaul public school funding has opened avenues for compromise on charter school reform.

By Katie Meyer/Spotlight PA

School funding, permitting at top of Pa. legislature’s 2024 agenda

Looming over the legislature is a nearly year-old court ruling that declared the state’s education funding system to be unconstitutionally inequitable and ordered lawmakers to correct it.
By Katie Meyer/Spotlight PA

Despite ethics concerns, Shapiro will keep accepting tickets from a group that gets state money

Gov. Josh Shapiro’s gift ban says he can’t take tickets from groups with “financial relations with the Commonwealth.” Team Pennsylvania was awarded $1.8 million in state contracts this year.
By Stephen Caruso/SpotlightPA and Katie Meyer/Spotlight PA

Gov. Josh Shapiro rebuilt a bridge, weathered a messy budget, and walked fine partisan lines in 2023

The Democrat, who is believed to have higher political aspirations, struggled at times to advance priorities through Harrisburg’s ideologically divided legislature.
By Stephen Caruso/SpotlightPA and Katie Meyer/Spotlight PA

How the ongoing Pa. budget impasse is hurting community colleges, libraries

Pennsylvania lawmakers have struggled to finish the code bills that direct some state spending. Amid this budget impasse, key nonprofits are missing funding.
By Stephen Caruso/SpotlightPA and Katie Meyer/Spotlight PA

Pa. election 2023: When to expect results, how officials are preparing, and more

How quickly Pennsylvania counties can produce election results on Nov. 7 will depend on turnout and the number of mail ballots returned.

By Katie Meyer/Spotlight PA

Bad tech, staffing shortages hinder Pa. as it reassesses health care coverage for 1000s

Tens of thousands of people in Pennsylvania are believed to have wrongly lost their benefits since the state began “unwinding” pandemic-era protections.

By Katie Meyer/Spotlight PA