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Joe Ulrich

Joe has been interested in audio and music since he was a kid. What started as a fascination with his parents’ vinyl records and cassette tapes turned into a love of both performing and recording. He grew up in Elizabethtown, Pa. and moved to Pittsburgh in 1999 where he majored in Photography at the University of Pittsburgh.

In 2004, he attended the Conservatory of Recording Arts & Sciences in Tempe, AZ. He returned to Pittsburgh to work at a recording studio.

In 2008, Joe arrived at WITF, where his skills have found a good home as an on-air host, audio engineer and producer of WITF Music. In 2016, Joe earned a National Edward R. Murrow award for Best Use of Sound.

Latest by Joe Ulrich

WITF Music: Autumn Sky Hall

Folk singer Autumn Sky Hall talks inspiration and music as her safe space.
By Joe Ulrich

WITF Music: RalphReal & The Family Jam

Funk, the impact of Black American music and roller-skating.

By Joe Ulrich

Lancaster Calling: A Music Festival to Benefit Chad Kinsey

A benefit concert is being held for local musician Chad Kinsey.

By Joe Ulrich

WITF Music: 25th Hour

Fitting music, work and life into 24 hours.
By Joe Ulrich

WITF Music: Michael Curry

By Joe Ulrich

WITF Music: Benjamin Vo Blues Band

Catching the blues, classical influences and building guitars.
By Joe Ulrich

WITF Music: Winter Parks

An expectation-free recording project by Lancaster musician James Klippel.

By Joe Ulrich

WITF Music: Fink’s Constant

Ska band Fink’s Constant talks about what ska is, where it came from and the loss of their bandleader.

By Joe Ulrich

WITF Music: Public Disco Porch

Collaboration and community.
By Joe Ulrich

WITF Music: Tanjo & Crow Project

Controlled chaos, musical empathy and vegetables.

By Joe Ulrich