Joe Ulrich

Joe Ulrich
Joe has been interested in audio and music since he was a kid. What started as a fascination with his parents’ vinyl records and cassette tapes turned into a love of both performing and recording. He grew up in Elizabethtown, Pa. and moved to Pittsburgh in 1999 where he majored in Photography at the University of Pittsburgh.

In 2004, he attended the Conservatory of Recording Arts & Sciences in Tempe, AZ. He returned to Pittsburgh to work at a recording studio.

In 2008, Joe arrived at WITF, where his skills have found a good home as an on-air host, audio engineer and producer of WITF Music. In 2016, Joe earned a National Edward R. Murrow award for Best Use of Sound.

Latest by Joe Ulrich

WITF Music: Cumberland Honey

A Cumberland County-based duo writes about heartbreak and social justice.

By Joe Ulrich

WITF Music: Robin Spielberg

A York County pianist found success when she wasn’t looking.

By Joe Ulrich

WITF Music: Monica de Vitry & Jordan Rast

Music, family, campfires and the ebb and flow of life.

By Joe Ulrich

WITF Music: The History of Third Stream

For over 40 years, one of Central PA's iconic jazz ensembles continues to make music.
By Joe Ulrich

‘Where is it?’ Retired State Police head reflects on response to 9/11 attacks, Flight 93 crash

Retired State Police Col. Paul Evanko had a decades-long career with the law enforcement agency and served two terms as commissioner.
He was the person in charge of troopers’ response on Sept. 11, 2001. He vividly remembers the day United Flight 93 crashed near Shanksville, in Somerset County, after the passengers and crew attempted to retake the cockpit.

Evanko relived that tragic day when he sat down with WITF’s Tim Lambert for an interview as part of a new exhibit, “Witness to History,” at the State Museum of Pennsylvania.

By Sam Dunklau and Joe Ulrich

WITF Music: The Part Time Managers

Ian Carroll and George William’s performances combine folk tunes, traditional instrumentals and good advice.

By Joe Ulrich

WITF Music: All Without Words

Inspired by the vocalizations of his non-verbal autistic son, a composer turns struggle and joy into music.

By Joe Ulrich

WITF Music: Jogïr

Harrisburg pop singer Jogïr contrasts the colorful sounds of the 80’s with the struggle of finding one’s way.

By Joe Ulrich

WITF Music: Cathy Chemi and Steve Rudolph

Cathi Chemi and Steve Rudolph are staples of the Central Pennsylvania jazz community. Their involvement with the Central Pennsylvania Friends of Jazz has helped promote jazz throughout the region.

By Joe Ulrich

WITF Music: Ronnie Waters and Jimmy Wood

Harrisburg jazz musicians Jimmy Wood and Ronnie Waters take us back to the capitol city’s jazz scene when they were kids and budding musicians. They recall how music helped to overcome racism and look ahead to the future of jazz.

By Joe Ulrich