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Julie Grant got her start in public radio at age 19 while at Miami University in Ohio. After studying land ethics in graduate school at Kent State University, Julie covered environmental issues in the Great Lakes region for Michigan Radio’s Environment Report and North Country Public Radio in New York. She’s won many awards, including an Edward R. Murrow Award in New York, and was named “Best Reporter” in Ohio by the Society of Professional Journalists. Her stories have aired on NPR’s Morning Edition , The Splendid Table and Studio 360. Julie loves covering agricultural issues for the Allegheny Front—exploring what we eat, who produces it and how it’s related to the natural environment.

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Pa. expects billions of dollars from the infrastructure law for coal mine cleanups. Will it help polluted waterways?

A watershed in north-central Pennsylvania is an example of where federal money could help efforts to clean polluted water from old mines.

By Julie Grant/The Allegheny Front

​​How to address the looming crisis of climate anxiety

As climate change worsens, the need will grow for mental health services. Some therapists are recommending climate action to ease worry. Others are advocating for community-based therapies to fill the gap.

By Julie Grant/The Allegheny Front

Feeling anxious about climate change? Experts say you’re not alone

Research shows more people are having trouble coping with the climate crisis and their numbers will only increase in the coming years. Experts are concerned it’s taking a toll on mental health.

By Julie Grant/The Allegheny Front

Federal officials working on ethane report hear from some in Appalachian communities

Ethane production in the U.S. has nearly doubled since 2013, and demand is expected to keep rising.

By Julie Grant/The Allegheny Front

Southwestern Pa. network takes on ‘unnecessary’ environmental risks for cancer

The network of physicians, researchers, activists and cancer survivors says research shows rates for six types of cancer that have strong links to toxic chemicals are elevated in seven Southwestern Pennsylvania counties compared with national rates.

By Julie Grant/The Allegheny Front

Environmental groups seek pre-trial ruling against U.S. Steel

The groups want a court-appointed outside monitor to oversee environmental compliance at U.S. Steel.  

By Julie Grant/The Allegheny Front

Injection wells exist to hold fracking wastewater — but the water can move. Here’s how

If the chemical-laced water reaches the surface, it can cause problems. One expert says it would be hard to totally prevent that from happening.

By Julie Grant/The Allegheny Front

Pa. sends a lot of fracking waste to Ohio. People there want more say in where injection wells go

Landowners aren’t the only ones frustrated by the lack of local control regarding the siting of injection wells.

By Julie Grant/The Allegheny Front

Scientists know more about how COVID-19 spreads. So is it safe to bring your reusable bags back to the grocery store?

In the early days of the pandemic, many plastic bag bans were put on hold. As the months have passed, there’s now a push to reinstate them.

By Julie Grant/The Allegheny Front