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Emily Previti, Reporter

Emily Previti
Emily Previti covered election security and voting procedure in Pennsylvania for WITF and PA Post.

Latest by Emily Previti

Pa. election directors eye a key change to help with vote counting — but political partisanship might get in the way

Pennsylvania counties say being able to process ballots before Election Day would help in a couple different ways.

By Emily Previti

Wolf pins violence at the U.S. Capitol on GOP lawmakers

Per a statement, Wolf says “the actions of Republicans in Pennsylvania and across the country have led to violence. It is their fault. There should be no equivocation.”

By Sam Dunklau and Emily Previti

A contentious year: How Pennsylvania’s tumultuous 2020 election unfolded

The controversy surrounding the electoral college vote continues the upheaval that characterized 2020.

By Emily Previti

Updated: 2020-11-26 18:17:05

Pennsylvania’s top court expected to act quickly on appeal to let state proceed with election certification

The Wolf administration is asking the state Supreme Court to dismiss a lawsuit seeking to invalidate mail-in ballots cast Nov. 3 or let the legislature pick Pa.'s electors.
By Emily Previti

Most Pa. counties certify election results by deadline; a few will take longer

Delays aren't unusual and shouldn't affect statewide certification.
By Emily Previti

Updated: 2020-11-23 12:38:00

Some counties will miss Pennsylvania’s election results certification deadline

Delays shouldn’t affect statewide certification, experts say.
By Emily Previti

Election law experts: Latest Trump lawsuit a longshot, but could further complicate vote count, certification

Timing is concerning given tight deadlines for certifying election results – regardless of how the case turns out.
By Emily Previti

Even with election called for Joe Biden, Pennsylvania’s presidential vote count goes on

The Associated Press called the race late Saturday morning, in large part because that’s when DoS data updated and showed Biden’s margin eclipsing the recount benchmark of 0.5 percent.

By Emily Previti

More than 100,000 labor-intensive provisional ballots await Pennsylvania election workers after the mailed ballot count in tight presidential race

Fifty-seven counties have reported nearly 105,000 provisionals awaiting processing in response to WITF’s inquiry.
By Emily Previti